Natural Remedies For Plantar Fascitis

5 June 2019
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If you have been suffering from plantar fasciitis, then you know all too well that it can be challenging to deal with. While you want to make sure that you do exactly what your doctor says and take the prescribed medication, you can also make use of some natural methods to get relief. The following are some of the best natural techniques you can employ to deal with your heel pain.

Use Ice

Once the pain starts, you should elevate your foot as soon as you can. The next thing you should do is apply an ice pack to the affected area every fifteen minutes. Do this at least three times a day. You can make a nifty ice pack by freezing ice in a paper cup and rolling it across the affected area when necessary.

Follow Ice with Heat

After the ice has reduced the swelling, you should then massage the area. Warm some essential oils and add them to your massage once a few minutes have passed. These massages are helpful because they help with blood flow to the area, which speeds up the healing process. If you have scar tissue, massaging with an essential oil will help to break up tissues that have the potential to become hardened. Massage your heel in a circular motion for at least fifteen minutes per day for best results.

Try Towel Stretches

Towel stretches employ the use of massage, but instead of using your hands, you will use the towel for support to help make the massage effective. You can use this technique by warming a medium-sized towel. Once you have warmed the towel, roll it together. Place your heel in the middles of the rolled towel. Next, use both your hands to pull on either end of the towel in several directions. Move your heel around as you move the towel to get maximum relief.

Be Careful About Footwear

Try to wear shoes that cushion your heels. Make sure that you get the right fit all the time, and whenever possible, try to buy support for shoes that may be more difficult to wear. This is especially true for high heels. If you like to run or jog, make sure that the back of your sneakers are extra soft so that your heel can withstand the impact of you constantly hitting the pavement with your foot.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you should make sure that you try natural remedies as much as possible to speed up your recovery.