4 Ways To Help Your Child Athlete Avoid Sports Injuries

18 April 2017
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If you have a child athlete, no matter what sport they play, you want to be sure that you work with your child to avoid injuries. This way, you don't end up with huge hospital bills and your child doesn't potentially end up with an injury that can prevent them from pursuing a career in the sport. Here are four ways to help avoid injuries:

  1. Physical Exam: Before your child signs up for a sport, it's always best to bring them in for a physical exam. This way, any complications can be found beforehand. If your child has suffered an injury in the past or had any surgeries, it can cause complications with the sport they want to participate in. However, once the physical exam is done, your child's doctor may be able to recommend you to a specialist to work on physical therapy for your child to help pave their way to participating in the sport. 
  2. Healthy Meals: Taking care to prepare healthy meals around the sports schedule is important, as well. This is going to help the body prepare for the sport and recover, as well. Each meal needs to contain enough calories to give your child the energy they need to participate. It's best to work with your doctor or nutritionist to come up with a meal plan designed to work for the sports schedule.
  3. Proper Clothing: One of the most common sports injuries are foot injuries and this is usually because of the improper foot wear. It's important that your child's feet are sized properly and although it is expensive to replace these shoes, it's essential to avoid serious foot injuries. So once your child outgrows the shoe, it must be replaced. You also want to avoid clothing that can become snagged on something, such as clothing with zippers. 
  4. Check for Warning Signs of Injury: Many kids will feel pressured to push through the pain of any injury they may be suffering. For this reason, it can be difficult as a parent to tell whether or not your child has an injury they need to be taking care of. So be sure that you look for warning signs, such as redness or swelling and take your child to the doctor to confirm. From here, you should pause on the sports participation until your doctor gives you the okay that your child is okay to start playing. 

When you know these four ways to help your child avoid sports injuries, you can be sure that you avoid many problems that can help you start to feel more comfortable with your child participating in sports.