Taking Your Kids To The Amusement Park And Have Heel Pain? Tips To Keep You Pain Free

1 March 2017
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If you are taking your kids to an amusement park and will be there all day, they likely will not have any problems as long as you provide them with sunscreen and keep them hydrated. You, on the other hand, may have more problems since you are older, especially if you suffer from heel pain. To prevent this from happening, below is some information that you should find helpful. This will ensure that you can enjoy this day with your kids.

Your Shoes

Make sure you wear the right type of shoes. Do not wear something like sandals or flip flops as not only will they not work well for your feet but you could easily lose them on a ride. Instead, wear shoes that help prevent heel pain. This is especially important because you already suffer from this type of pain.

Purchase shoes that have heel wedges or gel heel cups. If you have severe heel pain, see your doctor who can suggest an orthotic specialist for shoes that are specifically made to fit your feet in a way to provide you with the support you need.

Your doctor can also suggest shoes that are on the market today that would be best for you to purchase.

Heel Pain Treatment

One problem you may have with your heel is plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the ligament that runs from your heel bone to the ball of your foot. If you arch your foot towards you, this is the tissue that feels tight. Over time, the plantar fascia is pulled and stretched, and this can turn into heel pain.

If you feel most of your pain on the back of your heel then you likely have Achilles tendinitis. This tendon connects your calf muscles on the back of your leg to your heel bone. It is generally caused by overusing the tendon, such as with someone that runs a lot or someone that plays sports.

No matter if you have plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis, the doctor will try to treat it without surgery. They will give you some tips on different exercises you can do at home, and may even send you to a physical therapist.

If you continue to have heel pain, the doctor may suggest that you have surgery to correct it. This is because over time, the tendon can completely tear.

Make an appointment with your doctor a few weeks before you go on your trip so you have time to get treatment before you go. Contact a clinic like Collier Podiatry PA to learn more.