5 Preventative Foot-Care Solutions Every Pregnant Woman Should Consider

19 September 2016
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When you become pregnant, your body begins to go through several changes. One of the areas that you may not think about until you notice pain or discomfort is your feet. However, during pregnancy, your feet and ankles will have to hold up more weight than usual. At the same time, your body will release relaxin, which will cause your cartilage and tendons to relax throughout your body. This can result in wider feet, changes in your gait, and pain or tenderness in your feet. Read More 

6 Do’s & Don’ts for Dealing With Foot & Ankle Gout Naturally

26 April 2016
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Gout occurs from accumulating too much uric acid and urate crystal deposits in the joints of a toe, foot or ankle. If you have gout or gouty arthritis of the foot or ankle, you experience pain, swelling and difficulty walking. Fortunately, there are all-natural methods to manage your symptoms and prevent a future flare-up. Upon getting a diagnosis from your physician or podiatrist, you may be given instructions on home treatment. Read More