How To Find Out How To Treat A Stress Fracture In Your Foot

20 December 2017
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Tennis is one of those sports that put you at a high risk for foot injuries. The impact of the sport causes constant pressures on the bones and tissues in your ankles and feet. With time, this activity results in injuries. Read on to find out how to treat a stress fracture in your foot.

Understand Why The Injury Occurs

There are a number of reasons why stress fractures occur in sports. A stress fracture is different from a regular fracture. It causes a small crack to develop in your bone.

Physical conditioning and good nutrition are essential for a peak athletic performance. You must be flexible to carry out the moves for the sport. If you lack flexibility in your hips, then you will not have any range of motion when running. It results in you running slower. Not using the proper technique and the wrong equipment also disrupts the mechanics of your foot and ankle.

Take A Break

If you have a stress fracture, then you need time for it to heal. This injury does not always cause you to become immobile or disabled. However, pain is a common symptom. When it becomes painful, you need to take a break from your sport. Ice and rest help to alleviate your pain. You should also be under the care of a sports injury podiatrist.  

Participate In Strength And Endurance Training

You should go through strength and endurance training before returning to tennis. To prevent the injury from reoccurring, you have to build strength in your foot and lower leg. Rehab consists of pointing and flexing exercises. It strengthens the soft tissues in your feet.

You can add resistance to the exercises with exercise bands and towels. For example, you can go through exercises where you grip and release a towel. Calf raises are another exercise that helps with strengthening your muscles.

Muscle strength prevents the stress of running from affecting your bones. However, you should not start any exercises without the approval of your podiatrist.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

A walking boot prevents you from causing further injury to your foot. It survives you with support while your bones are healing. If you start wearing a boot soon after the injury, then it will immobilize your foot and allow for a quick recovery.  

Most athletes do not want limitations when competing in a sport. It is important to not play with an injury and get advice from your doctor about how to perceive with treatment. Contact a company like East Village Foot & Ankle Surgeons for more information and assistance.